Spencer Matthews Splits From Stephanie Pratt: “I’m 100% Single”

Made In Chelseas Spencer Matthews has confirmed that his summer romance with The Hills star Stephanie Pratt is officially over.

Just as BFF Jamie Laing predicted when he slammed that the long-distance couple wouldn’t last, the 25-year-old lothario has thrown the towel in with his LA lady after just three months of dating.

“I’m 100% single now”, smooth-talking Spenny told New! magazine. “Stephanie has gone back to Los Angeles. It was always going to be a holiday romance.”

“We are very fond of each other, but it was a ticking time bomb”, he continued. “We always knew it would be short-lived, so we purposefully didn’t allow ourselves to fall into the depths of a relationship.” 

“We”? Really, Spenny? Judging by Steph’s smitten tweets, we can’t help feeling he probably forgot to tell his smooching partner this all-important information while they were together…

The hotel heir’s latest revelation that he’s back on the market comes straight after best pal Jamie has also conveniently just revealed he’s now single, too.

Oh god. With the gruesome twosome back on the prowl, Made In Chelsea Season 6 is going to be VERY interesting!

By Robyn Munson

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