Spencer Matthews plays Christian Grey in Stacey Jackson's music video

Spencer Matthews Plays Christian Grey: See The Final Cut!

Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews has made the LOOK office blush today, for playing Christian Grey in a new Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired music video.

Dance act and MIC fan Stacey Jackson enlisted Spencer and his brooding stare to play a possessive businessman in the video for her new track, Pointing Fingers. Wearing a sharp suit and sitting in what resembles a ‘red room of pain’ (ooh) Spencer holds a Coco de Mer riding crop as he watches Stacey perform. 

And he told us: “It was a great role to play and was a lot of fun. The Christian Grey character I play is quite dark and very possessive, is very dominating and doesn’t understand when he doesn’t get what he wants. 

“This is a fine example of how a boss can’t have control over someone who has a free spirit and who wants to break loose of that.”

Binky Felstead also appears in the video, playing a sexy DJ in wet-look leggings who controls the track on her iPad. Haaaaaawt.

She said: “It’s was great fun to do the shoot except for one thing Spencer kept on whacking me with that riding crop that he had but I did managed to get him back with it at the end of the day.”

The video was shot in New York in January and this is the first time that you can see the finished product. All we have to say is… Louise Thompson, you are one LUCKY lady.

Stacey said: “Spencer really was perfect for the Christian Grey style business role. He was strong, masterful and indignant when I started to defy him.”

Check out the video below… we’ve already watched it 9284923847 times. RM

You can download the track from 11th March. Find out more about Stacey at


. Her album Live It Up will be released on 13th May. Made In Chelsea returns this spring.