Spencer Matthews Gets Grilled On Loose Women

Oh, how we’ve missed having Spencer Matthews on our screens.

With the new series of Made In Chelsea making its return last night – catch up with ALL the goss – we couldn’t help but feel that there was a Spenny-shaped hole in the line-up.

But, the former MIC bad boy made a TV appearance today, as a guest on ITV’s Loose Women. And it sure was eventful.  

First up, he entered the stage carrying a red rose for one particular lady on the panel. 


Yup, apparently Spencer wanted to make amends, having dissed Katie Price during an old episode of Celebrity Juice. 

Apparently, he had answered a ‘snog, married, avoid’ question. And Katie was his avoid. 


Well. At least he brought a flower to say sorry, eh?  

Awkwardness out of the way, one popular topic on the Loose Women agenda was firmly placed on girl talk. Spencer was put under the spotlight when it came to his relationship with Vicky Pattison. 

And panellist Katie Price, who’s known for not mincing her words, wasted no time in putting the pressure on.


She asked, ‘With Vicky, was you really going out with her, really? Was you proper official? Look me in the eye, or was you just sort of mucking about with each other?’

Spencer admitted, ‘We weren’t a couple, no. I thought when I was in Africa that it could be heading that way.’

But he gushed, ‘She’s the most lovely girl, She’s made a very sensible decision in my opinion. We came to the conclusion, or more she came to the conclusion that our relationship could last a lifetime were we to be just very close friends and have each other’s back.’

Aw, that’s pretty sweet if you ask us.