Spencer Matthews: How He REALLY Feels About His Ex

Spencer Matthews‘ sharp tongue must be holidaying in St. Tropez as the Chelsea boy recently opened up about former flame Stephanie Pratt, totally singing her praises!

Far from the angry club rant following his split with ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson in which he fumed: “it’s f***ing hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you”, Spenny switched up his tact, taking a kinder approach to describing his LA-based ex.

“We are still close and she is arguably the nicest person I’ve ever met,” the Made In Chelsea lothario revealed to MailOnline.

The 25-year-old threw in the towel after Stephanie hopped on a plane back to the US, just as BFF Jamie Laing predicted, but Spenny’s not been one to deny the blonde biscuit-heir an ‘I told you so’.

Continuing his candid stint, he admitted: “Mine and Stephanie’s relationship always had an expiry date, it was never going to last. I didn’t allow myself to fall deep into the reals of love; she lives in LA so it was more of a holiday romance.”

And it looks like The Hills star is not exactly nursing a broken heart either as Stephanie’s already been spotted on the arm of another beefy hunk. 

The blonde beauty’s certainly not wasting any time getting back to her old self but will we be spying this new and imporved Mr Matthews in series 6 of MIC, politely asking Andy Jordan to share the top spot as SW3’s Mr Nice Guy?

We’re not sure we could cope. 

By Claire Blackmore 

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