Spencer Matthews And The Truth Behind THAT Bar Tab

Spencer Matthews sent the Twittersphere into a frenzy this week, when he posted a picture of a receipt that revealed he had spent an unbelievable £488706.08 on a night out.

Now, we know Spencer enjoys an evening in the bar as much as the rest of us, but this was taking things to a whole other level.

Understandably, a considerable number of his followers criticised the Made In Chelsea star for spending so much on a round of drinks, but Spencer has hit back via the Daily Mail to explain his side of the story.

‘On this occasion,’ wrote Spencer, ‘trying to charm the barmaid was my downfall. She was distracted as she keyed in the bill and what should have been £48 ended up as £488,706.08.’

It’s an easy mistake to make. However, there’s just one thing we still can’t get our heads round: that the massive bar tab actually went through. There seems to be no sign of a ‘card declined’ notification on that receipt, as there would most certainly be if it was our card we handed over to the barmaid. Instead, it says Thank You.

So, either Spencer has a very healthy bank balance, or we’re reading that receipt wrong…

By Olivia Marks

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