*This* Love Island Couple Totally Divided Opinion Tonight

Oh, Tom and Sophie. What are we going to do with you? 

The pair have been coupled up since day one. They’ve shared an, erm, interesting wardrobe experience. And they’ve also had their fair share of instense relationship conversations. 

During tonight’s show, it’s safe to say that it was this pair that dominated social media chat. And there was a total mix of opinion. 

After speed dating with four potential new lads, Irish Adam finally entered the villa.


Tom needed some reassurance from his lady, but Sophie kept pretty quiet each time he tried… 

Many viewers took to social media, feeling sorry for the clearly-smitten lad. 

Comments included: ‘Tom seems really nice. Reassurance in relationships can be such a big deal to some people, Sophie isn’t giving him any!’ and ‘Feel bad for Tom because Sophie is massively going to mug him off’. 

Others, however, felt sorry for Sophie, believing that Tom was being pretty overwhelming. 


One wrote: ‘Can’t say we blame Sophie… Tom is too serious and intense’. 

In fact, Love Island’s own Caroline Flack took to Twitter to say ‘Tom… Chill out.’ 

It all seemed to get too much for Sophie in the end, who went to bed and had a little cry, only to be followed by Tom later on. 

She explained that she’s not happy, and even hinted that she would consider leaving if nothing changed. Blimey. 

But would she actually quit? We guess we’ll have to wait and see…