Another Original Love Island Couple Has Just Split Up

What an emotional rollarcoaster Love Island was last night, eh? And not just for the likes of Malin and Terry….

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Yup. Sophie and Tom decided to call it quits after a series of dramatic rows.


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The 24-year-old lad had previously threatened to walk out of the villa, following the arrival of his ex girlfriend Emma.

Last night, though, he changed his mind, and was focusing his energy on patching things up with 30-year-old Sophie Gradon.

Following yet another row, the pair seemed to reach breaking point as they had a heated discussion outside.

Sophie, who revealed that she’d been pushed to her limit, told Tom, ‘I’m not going to let you affect my time in here.

‘If you want to have another huff and be off with me, I will literally just shut you out and that is it.

‘I care for you a lot. But when you said to me, “I’m going to go”, I kind of wanted you to go…’


Tom responded, ‘I didn’t want it to get as far as you resenting me and wanting me to leave. Maybe I don’t deserve you but I’d like another chance. This situation has scared me so much and made me realise that I can’t lose you.’

But Sophie decided it was time to call it quits, hitting back, ‘If you don’t want to lose me so bad, then why do you act like such a t***? Why do you treat me like s***? Why do you speak to me like a piece of s***?

‘We had something amazing but you’ve literally pushed me so far away now, I literally couldn’t care less if you walked out the doors.’


But it didn’t end there, because of course it didn’t.

The viewers – as well as Soph’ obvs – were then treated to a ‘Hollywood’-style speech, which saw Tom dramatically declaring that he wouldn’t give up that easily, before pulling Sophie in for a kiss. 

Awkward. She did not seem impressed, and neither did social media.

Reactions included: ‘Sophie needs to run away from Tom as fast as she can #LoveIsland’ and ‘if ever I saw a stalker in the making on TV it’s Tom haha makes me cringe but can’t turn off’.

Oh dear.

With Sophie now single, and two new lads entering the villa tonight, we can only IMAGINE what’s going to happen next…