We Need To Talk About Sophie & Katie’s Love Island Date

Last night saw a first for Love Island – Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon have become the first same-sex couple to date on the ITV2 show.

Of course, this is great. That goes without saying.

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But we feel that we need to talk about the way it’s being talked about, particularly by the lads in the villa.

Sophie and Katie went out for a little alone time, to get to know one another away from the eyes of their fellow islanders, and to see if they had a connection – you know, the same as any other Love Island date.



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But the boys seemed to get a little over excited at the idea of two girls in a dating scenario. Yup. Eye rolls all round.

And it didn’t escape the notice of the rest of the girls.

Cara was not impressed, telling Kady: ‘The boys are annoying me a little bit because they keep going on about it. It’s wound me up so much because it’s so normal.’



Kady agreed, ‘I was fuming with Scott. When Katie first told us she was bisexual – I was 20 seconds behind him, by the time he got to the stairs he’d already told Nathan, Terry and Alex.’

A little later on, Kady and Scott got themselves into a bit of a row (yup, again), with Kady telling her man off for getting too excited.

Scott fired back, ‘What are you trying to say? I’ll get excited as much as I want.’

Oh dear.



Kady stood her ground, saying,  ‘You’re 28, have you not been around gay people before? It’s pathetic, it’s not real life porn, it’s people’s relationships.’

It seems that social media agreed, with comments including: ‘Kady’s right, Scott and the boys need to stop treating sophie & Katie like their pornstar lesbians, it’s derogatory. #LoveIsland’ and ‘Could you give the prize to just Cara? Explained the Sophie/Katie situation to those little boys so perfectly! #loveisland’.



Another wrote: ‘Totally with Kady and Cara, the boys were acting like the girls going on a date was just for their excitement, like dudes chill #LoveIsland’.

We’re sure the boys didn’t mean to cause offence. But we’re with Kady and Cara on this one.