What’s Going On With Sophie And The Love Island Girls?

Sophie Gradon caused quite the stir during her final hours in the Love Island villa.

There’s no denying that her decision to break things off with Katie Salmon was a controversial one, triggering a rift between the two girls as well as some tension amongst the rest of the islanders.


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And it seems as though things might still be a little awkward between Soph’ and her island girls.

If you’re a true Love Island addict (guilty), you’ll have the app on your phone. Well, how else are you supposed to get your fix when the show’s not on? EXACTLY.


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Anyway, each islander is given a quiz once they leave the show. The theme? Picking contestants for different holiday scenarios. Fun, huh?

And one popular question is ‘whose armbands would you deflate?’

Harsh, sure. But it’s also a pretty good way to gage who might not be liking who.



Awkwardly, someone from the four final couples ALL picked the same person: yup, you’ve guessed it, Sophie.

We feel a little sorry for her, but we’re sure it was all in jest. In fact, Soph’ took to Twitter to respond to Cara’s answer, and she seemed to poke fun at the whole situation.



Posting a screenshot of the quiz, she wrote: ‘Hahahahaha! Oh erm… Awks. I’m the big bad wolf.’

We love you, Soph.