This Is What Super Bass Singer Sophia Grace Looks Like Now

Remember super cute 8-year-old Sophia who became famous thanks to The Ellen Show? Well, she's back, she's older, and she's got a new album out...

Sophia Grace is back, people. And she looks all grown up!

In case you’re struggling to remember, Sophia was the 8-year-old who shot to fame after appearing on YouTube with her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass back in 2011 that got over 50 million views.

She then appeared on The Ellen Show alongside cousin Rosie, where she bowled everyone over with her adorable cuteness.

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sophia grace

Sophia Grace first found fame on YouTube for her Nicki Minaj impression back in 2011

And now, she’s 13-years-old and back on the music scene because she’s only going and releasing her very first album.

Yep, not only is Sophia planning on musical domination with a single and an upcoming EP, but she’s also a clothes designer, a best-selling author and a celebrity interviewer.

And look how grown up she looks!

Why do my feet look so big and weird ?😂🙁

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We have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this little lady a lot more from now on…