Sons of Anarchy On Tap!

It’s official. All seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy – you know, that crazy cool series about outlaw bikers, starring the crazy sexy Charlie Hunnam – can be watched on Sky’s On Demand meaning we can relive those months we spent being utterly gripped by it’s brilliance – and our Charlie fantasies, obv.

In case you haven’t caught the show (you must have a good reason, we believe you), here’s the lowdown: it revolves around Charlie’s character Jax Teller, the Vice President of motorcycle club, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original). He’s a gun-toting bad boy, causing riots around America with his gang, until his ex-wife gives birth to his son, and he stumbles across his late father’s hopes for the motorcycle club (which he founded).

Cue Jax pondering his life’s work and the direction the club’s taking. From then on out all hell breaks loose in a variety of insane ways. It might not sound like your cup of tea, but add in epic relationship sagas and family drama and you won’t be leaving your sofa for at leasttwo days. The final season is worth the whole marathon alone, not least for Lea Michele’s cameo (and no, notin the cutesy horse jumpers we’re used to seeing her wear in Glee).

You might remember Charlie was in line to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades, but backed out because he didn’t have time. Having seen him kick ass with an unnervingly attractive man-bob (honestly, check it out), we don’t feel at a loss that he wasn’t Anastasia’s love interest in the end. We much prefer him all rugged and badass.

Long live Sons of Anarchy!