Study Reveals The Most Annoying Habit In A Relationship

Dating in the digital era has got a whole lot more confusing, right?

With the arrival of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat, there’s a host of new areas we have to face. And it’s worse for the teens who probably know little of life before smartphone apps crept onto the scene. 

A study by Pew Research Center has surveyed under 18s in the US, quizzing them on their relationships and how their online personas impact them. The results are not only pretty interesting, but are also totally relatable for any singleton that’s wading through a world that’s obsessed with the internet.

Kylie is never seen without her trusty mobile phone either


In terms of meeting a potential partner online, this study shows that it’s not too common amongst this age group. Only a quarter admitted to dating someone that they had met online. It seems that the fear of catfishing was a major factor, and one high school boy stated that ‘some girls don’t really look like they do [on] Instagram.’

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One of the most revealing aspects of the study shows that technology has become an integral part of wooing someone.

Gone are the days of poking fun at somebody when you’re with a group of friends (just us?), now it’s all about the Facebook poke or the strategic Instagram like.

Half of the participants said they had let someone know they were interested in them by sending them a friend request on Facebook or another social media site. Another 47% said that liking or commenting on a crush’s profile is enough to show interest.

Is anyone else rethinking their notification list right now?

Next comes the pre-date social media stalk. The study revealed that teens use social media as a way of gathering information about a potential partner. Yikes.

But here’s where things get really interesting. The survey reveals the most irritating turn off when communicating with a possible suiter.

Getting in touch with someone too frequently in a short amount of time is said to be the biggest stumbling block of modern dating. 

With the introduction of those little blue ‘read’ ticks, and the instant nature of apps and smartphones, we’ve all become accustomed to being contactable 24/7. So, it actually makes sense.

We guess there might still be something in old fashioned courting, after all.