11 Snape GIFs That Will Give You All The Feels

After the news that shook the world up, that Alan Rickman has died, aged 69, we decided to honour the British talent by looking back at his best ever moments as the formidable Severus Snape.

Snape was the Harry Potter baddie we all loved to hate (but in the end, kind of just loved with our entire beings).

He made Harry, Ron and Hermione’s life hell, but secretly, had a whole load of skeletons in his closet that forced him to cover up the true man he was underneath.

We went through ups and downs, highs and lows and a whole load of terrifying battles with Severus Snape, but one thing he always did was keep us enthralled.

So, to celebrate the life of Snape, and of Alan, here are our favourite EVER Snape GIFs…

1. The disciplinarian


2. The ‘do you know who you’re talking to??’


3. That time he meant business


4. THOSE beautiful locks


5. That moment when we realised he was human 


6. And that he’d loved Lily all along


7. The enthusiasm he had for school events


8. When he worked with Harry to keep the Dark Lord out


9. Those pensive moments


10. That time when McGonagall fought back


11. And… THIS. *Sigh*. Dumbledore + Snape forever.