Snapchat’s New Update Means You Can Throw A Filter On ANYTHING

Snapchat and Instagram have their horns locked in a battle of supremacy and pointlessness. When it comes down to it, we’re never going to migrate from one to the other so they should both just stick to what they both do best.

The shortest open letter in history: Instagram, no-one likes your stories and please leave our timelines alone. Snapchat, keep up the good filter work but take it easy with the notifications every-time someone is typing, what’s up with that?

We suppose if the copying and tail-chasing rivalry between the two keeps up, it forces the apps to get better which we can’t complain about. This latest update from Snapchat, for example, has got us really excited.

That’s right, being able to creep on your acquaintances just got a whole lot easier. We’ve all been able to rewind Instagram stories for a while now  (you might not know that because who honestly uses Instagram stories?) but now Snapchat is allowing users to rewind by tapping the left side of the screen.

Tapping the screen will reveal a split screen that looks like the image above. From there you can save them and even send stories on to another contact!

What’s more, the update includes this fancy new things called “World Lenses”. Check out this video below, your mind is about to get blown!

Described by some trend commentators as “lowkey lit”, these lenses, or ‘a filter’ in more colloquial terms, can be used to augment your surroundings. The filter is no longer just limited to selfies, you can stick them on everything and anything you want!

There are seven new lens options including fan-favourite, the rainbow vomiting cloud.

Unfortunately for pop-up-phobes, your phone will need to be totally updated to iOS 10 before you can take advantage of these really cool augmentations!