9 Snapchat Tricks You NEED To Know About

Thought you knew your way around Snapchat? Well, time to quiz your knowledge by seeing how many of these tricks you’ve got locked down…

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1. Who watched your story?

Now you can see exactly who’s been enjoying your Snaps by hitting the eyeball with a number on it next to your story. A drop down list will then appear showing all the names of peope who watched it. Handy!

2. Super sized emojis

To make your emojis really big, simply pick the one you want to use, and then hit the ‘T’ symbol in the upper right corner. With two fingers, zoom in on the emoji to make it massive.



3. Uploading pictures and videos

It can be a little annoying that Snaps can only be filmed there and then, in realtime. But thanks to tonnes of third-party apps, you can now record your Snapchats beforehand and upload onto Snapchat from your camera reel, meaning you have more time to make sure it’s perfect (if that’s what you’re going for). Try Upload’n’Roll, which is free.

4. Black and white

To make your Snaps black and white, hit the colour palette and without lifting your finger, drag to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Now, you can write in black instead of white!

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5. Hidden colours

Drag your finger from the rainbow colour box to different corners of the screen – you’ll then see a whole new array of shades like black, white and pink. Oohhh…

6. Adding time

To get the time stamp on your Snaps, you need to enable ‘Smart Filters & Visual Filters’ by going to Settings > Manage and ticking on Smart Filters and Visual Filters. Once this is enabled, you can add time, temperature or speed to your Snaps by swiping left or right.



7. Two filters at once

Can’t pick between your favourite filters? There’s a hack around that. To use a geofilter and another filter at the same time, simply swipe over the snap to add the first filtet. Then, hold one finger on the screen whilst you carefully swipe over the photo with another to add a second filter (this may take some practice, but it’s totally worth it). 

8. Adding someone whose username you don’t know

If you don’t know your friend’s username or snapcode and they’re not in your address book, don’t worry – if they’re near you, you can go to ‘add friends’ and ‘add nearby’ and their name will pop up!



9. Extra text

The text is pretty limited on Snapchat – but here’s the secret. To add more text, simply open up your Notes app and select a range of blank text. Copy, then paste into the text field in your Snap. You’re now free to manually move your cursor onto the next line to take advantage of the space. SO cool.