Meet The New Snapchat Filter That’s Gone Viral

Face-swapping is seriously having a moment. But the new Snapchat filter released over the weekend has taken the trend one step further…

The update, available both on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, doesn’t just let you swap faces with your favourite people, but actually merges your faces into one. SO great.

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snapchat face swap LOOK’s Laura as Kim Kardashian


As expected, the new filter went a little viral over the weekend after it was released, with literally everyone in our Snapchat address book giving it a go.

We tried morphing into Kim Kardashian, Mark Wright and even Will from the Inbetweeners, with HILARIOUS RESULTS.

snapchat face swap LOOK’s Anna gives Mark Wright a go


Queen of Snapchat Kylie Jenner also got involved (obviously), by merging her face with BFF Harry Hudson’s and recording a creepy video for her fans.

So, how do you access it? Well, simply scroll all the way to the end of your filters to find it, select a photo of your favourite celebrity (or your BFF) from your camera roll (you must have saved it first), and wait for the magic to happen.

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snapchat face swap Simply select the filter on the far right of your scroll bar on Snapchat



Oh, we wonder what’s next…

snapchat face swap Will from the Inbetweeners, anyone?