One Habit Will Be Banned From The Love Island Villa This Year

This could change everything...

Love Island 2018 is right around the corner, and we’re getting more excited by the day.

Caroline Flack just revealed that they’ve got some ‘absolute bombshells’ lined up to enter the villa, and there are also all sorts of rumours circulating about potential plans to shake things up.

But there’ll be one thing that we won’t be seeing much of this year.

ITV bosses are planning on making one big change for the new series, and it’s got everything to do with the islander’s smoking habits.

You might recall that viewers have shared their disdain for this before, taking to social media to complain about the amount of time that their favourite LI stars were spending in the smoking area.

In fact, broadcasting regulator Ofcom previously reported that it had received more complaints about cigarettes than anything else included in the show. Yup, even the hanky panky (something we have no problem with, but this does usually rile a lot of people).

So, what are the producers planning on doing for the ciggy-loving islanders this year?

It has been confirmed that they won’t be allowed to smoke in the villa or the main garden.

Apparently, they will also have to request a smoking break and get escorted to a designated area.

We know what you’re thinking… what about all of that precious smoking area goss?!

Well, the islanders will still be filmed while they puff, but they’ll be alone.

Hopefully they’ll establish another area for all of their deep and meaningful chats, eh?