Over Half Of British Parents Agree With Smacking Children

All parents have different parenting styles, we know this. But a very interesting study has just come out that shows how different mums and dads approach discipline. 

The survey, which asked 2,186 British parents, discovered that over half believe in smacking children as an effective form of discipline.

In fact, 61% of parents believed in smacking their kids, but only 35% admitted to actually getting physical with their offspring. 

Of those that agreed with smacking but didn’t actually enforce it in their household, the reasons why ranged from ‘worrying about what people would think’ to the fact that their partner didn’t agree with smacking. 

The naughty step, sending children to their room, confiscating their entertainment and grounding them were also cited as popular methods of discipline.

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‘We were surprised to see how many parents agree that smacking works’, George Charles, spokesperson for Voucher Codes Pro (who conducted the survey), said. ‘The important thing is that they don’t give in to it.’

‘Parents are not perfect, but losing their temper is never a good thing for a child, no matter how much they may be pushing the boundaries.’

Charles continued: ‘The debate has come into question a lot over recent years as to whether or not it’s acceptable and to what extent, especially as it used to be so common.’

‘Times have changed now and so has the law; there are all kinds of experts now offering other solutions, as well as their opinions on smacking. The naughty step, confiscating items and cancelling pocket money are all great ways of showing your child that you mean business and you’re the boss, without having to lay a hand on them.’

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