Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast Time Ever Again

We have some amazing breakfast-related news for you.

Think skipping your first meal of the day will help you lose weight? Wrong! Because in fact, you’d be better off chowing down on two brekkies.

Nope, we’re not lying. It really is the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?



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This little fact has been worked out by the clever researchers at both Yale and the University of Connecticut.

Now, they were looking at obesity in schoolchildren. But in theory, it should stand for adults too.



They followed 600 middle school students as they progressed from fifth to seventh grade, noting their weight and if they had no breakfast, breakfast at home or at school, or breakfast in both places.

Surprisingly, they found that weight gain among second-breakfast eaters was no different from the average gain seen among all students.

But those who didn’t eat breakfast, or ate it only sometimes, were twice as likely to be overweight or obese as those who ate two.

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Hmm. So why is this? Well, the study wasn’t designed to learn the reasoning. However, the scientists do have a couple of theories.

They’ve suggested that those who skip breakfast may overeat later in the day. Or that a child who was already overweight may have passed on breakfast in a bid to save calories.

Interesting. We always knew there was a reason they called it the most important meal of the day…