You Won’t Believe What The Skins Twins Are Doing Now

Um. Can you believe Skins is now NINE years old?!

The E4 show told the story of party-loving sixth formers, while also dealing with serious issues such as mental illness, dysfunctional families and death.

It’s been a few years since we last saw Effy, Tony et al. So the question is… what became of the cast?

Many of the Skins stars have gone on to bigger things


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Of course, we already know where some of them ended up. Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario and Jack O’Connell are among those who’ve landed Hollywood roles.

However, some of their co-stars have stayed a little more under the radar since the programme went off air.

Remember these two?! Kathryn (L) and Megan Prescott played Emily and Katie Fitch


Step forward Kathryn and Megan Prescott. The sisters were part of Skins‘ second generation, playing twins Emily and Katie Fitch.

In one of the series’ most memorable storylines, Emily (played by Kathryn) was seen coming to terms with her sexuality after falling in love with pal Naomi Campbell (Lily Loveless).

Megan and Kathryn Prescott were in the second generation of Skins


Megan’s character also went through a difficult time, finding out that she couldn’t have children.

So what are the girls up to now? Well, now 24, they’re living very different lives.

Both sisters had plenty of dramatic storylines


Kathryn is still acting, most recently nabbing the lead role of Carter Wilson in American teen drama Finding Carter. She’s also set to star alongside Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale in upcoming comedy film Dude.

Megan had a few parts after Skins, but is now focused on something completely different.

Kathryn Prescott recently played the lead role in American show Finding Carter


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She’s a full-on BODYBUILDER, and has filmed a documentary entitled Megan Prescott: Dumbbells And Donuts Introduction.

Yep. *This* is Megan Prescott. Instagram: @megartron


Teasing us on Vimeo, the description reads: ‘This documentary follows Megan Prescott on a 10 month personal journey as she pushes her body and mind to the limit training to compete in a UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Bikini-Fitness event in May 2016.’

Judging by her muscle-tastic Instagram snaps, she’s been working very hard ahead of the competition.

Just look at those abs! Instagram: @megartron


Crikey. Who’da thought it, eh?!