Prosecco Lovers, We’ve Got Amazing News For You

Hands up who agrees that a cold, crisp glass of prosecco after a long day at work is the ABSOLUTE dream? Yep, we’re with you. 

But the trouble with getting through a bottle of prosecco (or two) with your best pals is knowing just how much sugar you’re consuming in the process. Because unfortunately, prosecco is not a particularly healthy option when it comes to your favourite party tipple…

Yep, your average bottle of prosecco can contain from 12-17 grams of sugar per litre, with some even coming in at a whopping 32 grams. Eep.

But there’s good news. Because a new, lighter prosecco has just come onto the market, and we’re already rubbing our hands in tipsy glee.

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Skinny Prosecco, £17.99

So-called ‘Skinny Prosecco’ was thought up by luxury drink specialist Thompson and Scott, and only contains 7 grams of sugar per litre, and 67 calories per glass. Impressed yet?

‘I was raised sugar free by a health-conscious mother who taught me that sugar was the devil. It turns out – she was right,’ CEO Amanda Scott said. 

‘When I grew up, I fell in love with champagne and was compelled to create a Skinny Wines portfolio for those who want to drink something beautifully crafted but with the benefit of no/low added sugar.’

We haven’t tasted it yet, but any bottle of bubbly that’s that low in liquid calories sounds like a winner to us.

Even better, it won’t set you back an arm and a leg – Skinny Prosecco is currently selling in Selfridges for just £17.99 a bottle.

Now go forth and clink, guilt-free…