One Married At First Sight Contestant Reveals What It’s Really Like To Be On The Show

"Some of you may not like what I have to say. It may ruin reality TV for you forever...."

Hold onto your hats, guys.

We don’t wish to alarm you, but TV show Married At First Sight – which matches couples blind date-style on their wedding days – might not be everything it appears to be.

The idea that true love can be found through science is an interesting (and terrifying) one, but we still enjoyed tuning in to Channel 4 to see how things unfolded for the couples. And after that had finished, if you were anything like us, you probably caught up on the American and the Australian versions on 4OD. We’re not ashamed.

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A former contestant has just claimed to have lifted the lid on what it’s really like to take part on the show. And, we have to admit, it’s shattered our reality TV dreams a little bit.

Simone Lee Brennan, who took part in the second series of the Australian version of the show on Channel Nine, has penned a blog post on her dating website, The Dating Journal.

The 29-year-old make-up artist was paired with 26-year-old Xavier during her time on Oz’s Married At First Sight, and, as per the show’s concept, they tied the knot after meeting for the very first time.

The idea is that the couple have been put together by a team of experts, following a lengthy testing process. But, in a blog post that now seems to have gone viral on the internet, Simone alleges that she later discovered that her new husband hadn’t even been put through the same tests that she had. Hmm.

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She claims, ‘My faith in the ‘matchmaking’ process dwindled away somewhat when my TV husband shared with me immediately post-wedding ceremony that he hadn’t dated for years and never actually applied for the experiment.

‘He was recruited from a local cafe and thought, ‘Yeah sure, why not?”

According to the post, Simone believes that Xavier’s decision to take part in the show had very little to do with finding The One. She explains, ‘When did I know the match-makers had really failed at their one job? It became clear as day when my TV husband took great pleasure in asking the sound crew, camera crew, producers and what-have-you about potential front-of-house sports presenting gigs.’

Oh dear.

The blog post goes on to describe how ‘staged’ she found the process, explaining that she had ‘walked down the isle four times’ to be filmed.

She then turned to the post-marriage experience. She wrote, ‘I was over the forced conversations that ended abruptly when the cameras switched off. I was over the staged dinners, literally, set-up by producers only to have to pretend my TV husband had done them himself. I was over overhearing his one-on-one interviews in the next room where he expressed his ‘growing’ feelings for me #vomit I was over being asked if I was in love yet.’

Is this the end for Xavier and Simone? #9Married

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So, why didn’t she leave?

‘Simple,’ she writes. ‘It wouldn’t have made sense to our ‘story’. How could I walk away when everything caught on film was nothing short of a blossoming ‘marriage’ starring the perfect ‘husband’?’

We really hope that the UK version is nothing like this.