Simon Cowell Breaks Silence On *Those* X Factor Fix Claims

There’s no denying that this series of the X Factor has mustered heaps of drama. 

Despite the introduction of two fresh-faced judges (we’re looking at you, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw) and, of course, the appointment of Caroline Flack and Olly Murs as the new generation of hosts, the ITV talent show has been hit by quite a bit of criticism. 


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Also, thanks to a series of mix ups and mistakes on the live shows, the internet has also been buzzing with speculation that the show is a fix. 

Wanting to set the record straight once and for all, head judge Simon Cowell has spoken out in support of his TV show. Naturally. 

Speaking to the Daily Star, the head honcho revealed that Caroline and Olly’s fate could be left in the public’s hands, having received a mixed reception from audiences.

Simon revealed: ‘I am starting to warm to Caroline and Olly much more now. Nick’s definitely got more popular on the live shows than in the auditions.

‘I don’t know if there would be scope for Dermot or Louis to come back but when I go through the research we have to listen to what people liked and take it into account.’

Viewers have accused the show of being staged, with the first big backlash coming when a wardrobe discrepancy was spotted at judges’ houses.


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Finalist Louisa Johnson was spotted in two different pairs of shoes, during the very same audition, leading many to believe that she had been given multiple opportunities to impress her mentor Rita.

Just last night, many viewers once again chanted ‘fix’, using the fact that Lauren Murray mouthed ‘it’s Louisa’ moments before it was announced that it was, in fact, Louisa that would be going through to the finals.

One of the biggest blunders of the series came about when Olly accidentally announced Monica Michael’s name before the final results were in, during a post sing-off judging.


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Monica was up against Simon’s act, Anton Stephans. 

Simon hit back: ‘The show isn’t fixed and I certainly didn’t tell the other judges who to save.

‘I can categorically say we don’t do that.’

The father-of-one went on: ‘The whole point with the sing-off is whoever does best on the night deserves to go through… end of. And there’s no influence, no one knows the result.’  

Well. The boss has spoken.