Simon Cowell Tells LOOK: I Like To Set Fashion Trends!

Simon Cowell has revealed how he loosens up before a live show – with a rub down and a hot soak. He told us: “I like to have a massage before hand and I have a bath.”
The 53-year-old Britain’s Got Talent boss has also been dishing out his favourite lemon milk bath product with fellow judges Amanda Holden, 42, and Alesha Dixon, 34. “We’ve all got some of that now,” said Alesha as Amanda added: “And ginger tea, we all have some of Simon’s ginger tea. He has a ginger tea maker!” 

Arriving in his usual get-up of jeans and a v-neck jumper, he explained the reason for his ever-plunging neckline. “I like to set fashion trends,” he said. “It’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and this year I thought it was the year of the low neckline.”

Umm, we’re not so sure about that, Si. 

Talking about Saturday night’s first episode during which he was given a lapdance and had to deal with a very affectionate David Walliams, Simon said: “It seriously is uncomfortable. My mum used to have a Daxon dog and every time we used to go around the dog would just hump your leg and it’s a bit like that, it’s that kind of relationship.” He added: When I do this show with him you just let him get on and expect the worst.” 

And when asked if the show – at the end of it’s contract with ITV1 – would be back for another year when this series finishes, he said:  “Last year this was the biggest show in the UK and this season the producers have done an amazing job so I would place a pretty good bet that this won’t be the last series.” Hurrah!

By Gemma Calvert, 15th April 2013

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