10 Signs Your Royal Baby Obsession Could Be Getting A Little Out Of Hand…

Yes! He. Is. Here! Hurrah, Hurrah. All hail the King (to be). It’s all just TOO exciting. We’ve updated the Twitter, the Facebook and are glued to Sky News for any nib of new info from the Lindo Wing.

In fact, we think we might be slightly too excited, if that is at all possible. How about you lot? Have you considered/done any of the below this morning? If so, welcome to the Royal Baby Party Crew (as we’re naming ourselves)… 

1.    You took a 30-minute detour (if not more) on your journey to work today, just so you could go via ‘The Easel’ at Buckingham Palace.

2.    You desperately tried to tie blue balloons to your car/bike/scooter/horse/skateboard at 7.15am this morning.

3.    You are seriously considering naming your next pet Lindo. It’s got a nice ring to it, right?

4.    You found yourself clapping along to The Band of the Scots Guards, when they played ‘Congratulations’ outside Buckingham Palace.

5.    You took an extra 10-minutes this morning carefully planning your wardrobe so you’re wearing Royal Baby blue for the day.

6.    You’ve already checked National Rail Enquires/Google Maps to see how long it’ll take you to get to Bucklebury.

7.    You’ve already got into an argument with that one person who said they “couldn’t care less about the baby”. Whatevs.

8.    You’ve cried at least once because you’re just SO HAPPY for Kate and Wills.

9.    You’ve cancelled your dinner plans just in case that’s when Kate, Wills and the little Prince leave the hospital.

10. You know the time, weight and date of the birth off by heart, even though you have no idea how much you even weighed when you were born.

By Lydia Southern, LOOK’s Unofficial Royal Correspondent/Obsessive 

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