9 Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is So Totally Over

1. Holidaying probably isn’t a good idea. 


Remember that break-up story Audrina filled Lauren in on during one particularly drama filled episode of The Hills?

In case you aren’t familiar, Audrina’s boyfriend-at-the-time (oh Justin Bobby) ditched her on a holiday in Las Vegas after one of their rows. Ex-treme. 

Needless to say, being abandoned in a foreign country isn’t a good sign of a solid coupling. 

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2. He’ll Stone Cold Stun you for his phone.


If you innocently pick up his mobile, and his first instict is to wrestle you to the ground to get it back, you’re in rocky territory. 

(P.s. did you count the puns?)

3. You’re seriously contemplating the use of MISSING posters. 


If your other half disappears off of the face of the earth for a few weeks (or possibly less dramatic, just makes excuses not to see you) then you may want to sit him down and politely ask him what the HELL is up. 

4. You’re just not that into him. 


You’ve got the power here lady, if you’re not happy or you’re not getting what you feel you need or deserve from the relationship, walk away. 

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5. You’re silencing his calls.


Remember when you first met and you practically lived in each other’s pockets? Naturally that honeymoon period fades.

But if you’re going out of your way to avoid your partner you probably don’t want to be with them anymore. And that’s perfectly ok. 

6. If this is you a lot of the time…. 


… Not. Good. 

7. He doesn’t let you watch what you want on Netflix. 


That kind of negativity is just not ok. 

8. If you’ve found out you’ve been cheated on. 


No explanation needed. Tay Tay dealt with that like a pro. 

9. If your friend spots him on Tinder



Just remember that it’s better to be on your own (translation: surrounded by BFFs) than with the wrong person.


For real. 

By Laura Jane Turner