17 Signs You Should *Definitely* Ask That Guy Out

Fancy a guy but don’t think you can make the first move? Pffft. It’s 2016, people!

It’s time to take action and nab the man you want. Here’s all the proof you need that he’s totally worth the risk…

1) You get butterflies in your stomach

You can’t deny how exciting that feeling is.


2) You’re completely comfortable around him

Joggers, no make-up and messy hair? You know he won’t judge you for being yourself.


3) You’ve ‘Friendzoned’ him… but think it may have been the wrong decision

Hey, we’re sure he’ll forgive you when it all works out!


4) You give each other that look

It’s like nobody else is in the room when you lock eyes.


5) You’d rather spend time with him than your squad

That can’t-get-enough-of-him feeling at the start of a romance is SO important.


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6) You don’t mind giving new things a go for him

Getting to grips with the offside rule? Playing Call Of Duty? You’ll do anything to make him happy.

Importantly, he’ll do the same for you.


7) You just ‘get’ each other

Already have inside jokes? Yeah, he’s probably The One.


8) You’d be proud to call yourself his girlfriend

There would be no awkwardness in updating your Facebook profile.


9) He’s top of your WhatsApp inbox/call list

You’ve been chatting loads already. What’s there to lose?!


10) You’ve got plenty of the same interests

Both obsessed with Prison Break, love going on beach holidays and hate getting up early? Sounds like a match!


11) You get on with his mates

Spending an evening with them in the pub sounds pretty good.


12) And he gets on with yours

A guy who makes an effort with your BFFs is definitely a keeper.


13) You know your dad would approve

If things got as far as meeting the parents, you wouldn’t be particularly worried.


14) You find yourself stalking him at 3am

Accidentally press the ‘like’ button on a holiday snap from 2010? He’ll probably be flattered.


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15) Things are just easy with him

Neither of you are playing childish mind games – and you don’t feel the need to.


16) Everything reminds you of him

Get a whiff of his aftershave in the lift? Hear his favourite band on the radio? You’ll be thinking of him all day.


17) You fancy the pants off him

And it’s as simple as that.