9 Signs The Guy You’re Dating Isn’t Into You (Sorry)

Dating is an absolute minefield.

Picture the scene: You both swipe right (or lock eyes at the bar, you know, like the old days), spark a conversation with at least one exciting mutual interest (to keep things from being deadly boring) and finally manage to pass each other’s crazy tests in order to actually make it onto date number one.



But then what?

How do you know if he’s actually serious or genuine?

1. His messages aren’t very personal


No, we’re not talking┬áthe icky kind that will result in instant use of the block button (you know what we mean).

We’re talking about the use of DETAILS.

You see, if he was into you, he’d remember what you said you’d be doing today, and specifically ask how it went. Or he might reference something that makes him think of a conversation you had on your last date.

Thoughtful. No?

2. He’ll start pressuring you for that

*cough* *cough*


If sex is a constant topic of conversation, it’s probably not the best sign (unless you’re both on the same page, obvs).

FYI, you should NEVER feel obliged to do anything you don’t want to do. The end. Goodbye. Sayonara.

3. He’ll expect you to make ALL the effort


If your dates are constantly on his terms, in his area, doing what he wants, we wouldn’t blame you for getting a little tired of it.

We mean, come on.

4. He’ll only want to see you when other people are around


One-on-one time? It seems like he’s allergic to it…

5. Or (sorry to confuse things) he’ll hide you away from his mates


And probably just invite you to his place. All the time.


6. He’ll ‘forget’ to tell you some life-changing news of his


Oh, you’re moving to Dubai next week?


7. He’ll only message/reply at unsociable times


2am? Sorry, do you not have work in the morning?

Sounds a lot like a booty call to us…

8. He might lure you in by starting out OVERLY keen


…And then cool it off (AKA ghost you) after a handful of dates.

9. The awkward ‘how do I reply to that?‘ messages will start to creep in


But he’ll probably accuse you of being the weird/crazy one. Go figure.

Don’t worry, ladies. There ARE good ones out there. We’ve seen them. Honest.