Shield 5: Is This New Instagram Movie The Next ‘Serial’?

So you’ve got over your Serial binge. And just about recovered from Making A Murderer. But, what next?

Thankfully, a hot new thriller – Shield 5 – has landed. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before…

So, What Is Shield 5 About?

Forget two and a half hours in the cinema to get your film fix, this game-changing new movie is shot in 15-second episodes. It centres around a security driver arrested for his involvement in a diamond heist and the death of his colleague, so is forced to go on the run to clear his name.

This is one whodunit story line we can’t wait for…

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Who’s Starring?  

Cemetery Junction star, Christan Cooke, is playing to brooding is-he-a-baddie security driver John Swift. As well as rising talent from Eliot Gleve (aka. musician Example) and ex-Hollyoaks actress – 21-year old Wallis Day, who was linked to Zayn Malik last year.

Christian Cooke stars as a fugitive in new crime thriller Shield 5


How Can I Watch It?

The first clip will be released at 5pm today on Instagram, and then each day another 15-second clip will be released throughout the month (there’s 28 in total).

Creator and director Anthony Wilcox, who has worked on films from Hot Fuzz to One Day says: “You have to be adaptable in this day and age, and as much as I like to identify romantically with the idea of people watching what I do on the big screen, most people do it on their iPads.”

Make some room for rising-star Wallis Day


“It was slightly mischievous on my part — let’s make something which has lots of cinematic production values, lots of cinematic qualities but for the small screen,” Antony says. “I think the main things that made this different to a feature were having to think about every single second and really analyse every single second to squeeze as much story and texture into this. You had to break everything down into the tiniest moments.”

Shield 5 premieres on Monday at 5pm on @shieldfive.

By Emma Firth