Why The Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Made Some People Really Mad

Not only was it totally heartbreaking, but the brand new Sherlock premiere also featured one glaringly obvious gaffe...

If there’s one TV show that gets people really fired up, it’s Sherlock. And after some serious hype about the much-awaited Season 4, the premiere aired on January 2nd.

We watched it, and thought it was pretty blimmin’ amazing. But it seems some fans were a little less enamoured with the New Year’s premiere.

First of all, there was a major blunder. And of course, die-hard Sherlock fans weren’t going to let it lie.

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Some fans weren’t overly pleased with the outcome of the Sherlock premiere…

Near the start of the episode, Martin Freeman’s character John Watson returned to update his blog (as he likes to do) about his and Sherlock’s mystery-solving adventures.

But as one beady-eyed viewer noticed, when Watson opened the ‘web page’ to get typing, it was soon very obvious that the website was actually a photo file titled ‘JOHN BLOG PAGE.jpg’. Oops.


‘That’s hilarious & incredibly careless of them. Surely they know the fandom loves to screenshot & zoom in on stuff?’, commented one fan under the tweet.

‘How did they miss this’, questioned another.

Whilst a third replied with: ‘What’s possibly worse is that it’s windows.’ LOLs.


Fans were devastated by Mary Watson’s death in the premiere episode…

However, it wasn’t just the blog page blunder that got people tweeting – it was *spoiler alert* the death of one of the much-loved lead characters.

Yep, Sherlock fans almost couldn’t bear it when Watson’s wife Mary (who was hiding a fatal secret about her spy career past) ended up being shot and killed by double agent/receptionist Norbury while heroically protecting Sherlock from a bullet. Sob.

In fact, it nearly tipped some viewers over the edge as they watched Watson’s heartbreaking sobs as the love of his life died in his arms.

Yep. Still not okay.