Did Sharon Osbourne’s Slip Up Prove That The X Factor Is A ‘Fix’?

Did Ms O almost make a major mistake on the live results show....?

Another week, another X Factor hopeful bites the dust. As we inch closer to the final show, the farewells get even more tense and more unpredictable.

This weekend’s theme was disco, and the remaining acts held nothing back in their sequin studded performances. The show was laden with crimped hair, roller skates and disco balls as we saw disco classics like ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Play That Funky Music’ being recreated.

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As always, the judges were ruthless with their feedback for each of the contestants. While they were quick to praise Sara Alto, Matt Terry and 5 After Midnight, the four judges were a little more critical of Sam Lavery and Ryan Lawrie and, surprisingly, previous favourite Emily Middlemas.


When it rolled around to Sunday’s results show, it was almost impossible to predict who would be going home. Sam Lavery and Ryan Lawrie both found themselves in the bottom two and preforming in the sing off.

Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell each backed their own acts, sending home Sam and Ryan respectively.

Louis Walsh was next to cast his vote: “Both were really good in the sing off, Sam is my wild card, the person I’m sending home is Ryan”, leaving the deciding vote to Sharon.


Ms O cracked under the pressure, finding it a little difficult to make a choice between the two hopefuls.

She geared viewers up to wave goodbye to Ryan as she said, “Ryan, you have improved so much. I honestly don’t know what to do. The name of the act I’m sending home is and this is only because he’s been in the bottom so many times..”

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Sharon then suddenly exclaimed, “I’m sending home… Sam”, shocking and slightly confusing the audience.

It’s unclear whether Sharon’s decision was a slip up or a sudden change of heart, but viewers were quick to point out the error.

Some viewers even speculated the idea that Sharon’s mistake proved the show is a fix…

*sips tea*

Whatever the reason for Sharon’s hasty change of mind, we wish Sam the best of luck moving on from X Factor and we can’t wait to see next week’s nail biting results.

By Catherine Delves