Shark Invasion: Run For Your Lives!

They’re big (up to 1.5m in length), there are over 100 of them and they eat, wait for it… crabs.

Yep, that’s right. There has been mass hysteria on social media giving Louis Tomlinson’s baby news a run for its money as over 100 sharks have invaded a Sussex lagoon. The wardens say that the sharks arrive on the tide to eat and then leave when the tides recede. They have been identified as starry smooth-hound sharks that are normally very solitary animals but must have found something good to eat in the West Sussex lagoon.



The sighting is just a few miles from a beach near Selsey, West Sussex, which is a popular family beach and there were concerns as some schools break up today.

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The twitter feeding frenzy began as one user advised people to “run for your lives” and another told people to “stay out of the water.” However a warden has put an end to all the excitement by confirming that there is no danger to humans as the fintastic (sorry) creatures are only partial to a bit of crab, not humans.

What a shame… we can just about hear the Jaws theme tune now.

Dun ah dun ah dun ah dun ah dun ah dun ah DAAAAAAAAA.