One Thing You’ve Never Noticed About *These* TV Shows

We all love to tune in to a morning TV show every once in a while, right? 

But have you ever noticed the running theme that seems to occur on those famous breakfast show sofas?

Here’s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield again, just for reference. Look closely… 

Can you spot what EVERYONE has been talking about? 



The internet has been thrown into a debate about sexism, after noticing that male presenters seem to appear on the left-hand side of the sofa.

The conversation began after BBC Breakfast viewers noticed that seasoned newsreader Louise Minchin took the right-hand spot, with her juniour colleague Dan Walker taking ‘camera left’.


Why is this so significant?

Well, the left is seen as the more ‘dominant’ spot, because when we, the viewers, watch television our eyes naturally pan from left to right. It’s the same as reading a page of a book. So this automatically means that we’re seeing the man first.

It seems to happen a lot, with Piers and Susanna following the pattern on Good Morning Britain.


Hmm. Once you spot it, it’s hard not to keep seeing it everywhere. 

Since the attention (dubbed #SofaGate on social media), many TV shows seem to be mixing things up – hoorah! 


In fact, Holly Willoughby seems to be a fan of nabbing the left-hand spot on ITV’s This Morning. 

On the BBC’s The One Show, Alex Jones also sat to the left of her co-presenter Matt Baker.

Sophia Cannon tweeted a screenshot of herself on the sofa, along with the caption, ‘On #BBCradio5live with @Montie discussing Ian Duncan Smith resigns… I’m on the left… He’s on the right

According to The Metro, the BBC insists that seating arrangements are entirely coincidental.

But what do you think?