This Apprentice Candidate Is *Not* Happy With The Show

It seems as though Selina Waterman-Smith may be regretting entering The Apprentice.

The 31-year-old has made it through to the sixth week of the competition, but off-screen she’s been VERY outspoken about what goes on behind the scenes.

While Selina was widely tipped to be fired in this week’s show, the bottom three ended up being Natalie Dean, Sam Curry and Brett Butler-Smythe.

Selina Waterhouse-Smith Selina Waterman-Smith didn’t tune in on Wednesday evening


Natalie was the one who ultimately found herself in the back of a taxi. However, this didn’t appease Selina.

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Before the programme, Selina Tweeted to her 33k followers: ‘Sorry to disappoint but I’m not watching edited b******* tonight! What I will say is this is my favourite task.’

She then continued: ‘1 thing I will say: 5 tasks in and I’ve been winning PM once and subteam leader twice. Odd they edit me as so lazy/disliked, hmmm…’

Selina Waterhouse-Smith Selina Waterman-Smith is still close with many of her fellow contestants


When one viewer sent her the message: ‘Kept zooming into your face making it look like you’re pee’d off about something!’ she replied: ‘They do that every episode! Trying to make the audience hate me.’

After the programme – which saw the competing teams create and sell children’s books – she added: ‘Missed the edit: I sold the most on my team, most in a single sale, wrote and sang/performed the voice over and was subteam leader.’

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Selina Waterhouse-Smith Selina Waterman-Smith recorded an audio book in this week’s episode


This isn’t the first time Selina has spoken out against The Apprentice.

Afte her heated argument with Lord Sugar’s sidekicks Karren Brady and Claude Littner in the boardroom last week, she Tweeted: ‘Ok I’m going to address the situation tonight: Karren was clearly jealous of my dress and Claude of my hair.’

She’s also said: ‘I’ve broken contract with the show and I’m not doing You’re Fired – might be why they’re attacking me so much! Idiots.’

Selina Waterhouse-Smith Selina Waterman-Smith has called The Apprentice ‘edited b*******’


Another message read: ‘I wanted to walk from day 1, wish I had been fired!’