Selena Gomez Made Things Insta-Official With The Weeknd…Then, Deleted The Post. Err, Why?

Selena Gomez's first Insta-official video of *alleged* boyfriend The Weeknd has been deleted from her account. What does this mean?!

Boy, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd certainly like to keep us on our toes.

In the briefest of moments, we here at LOOK towers were celebrating what looked to be Selena Gomez’s first official Instagram of (supposed) squeeze The Weeknd, FINALLY confirming that the two were very much an item. Because let’s face it, these days, taking to Instagram is basically THE way to announce that you are 100% in love and off the market, right?

The grainy, black and white video of The Weeknd relaxing on what looks to be a speedboat appeared on Selena’s Instagram account yesterday— the pair are reportedly on a romantic vacay in Italy — and within seconds, her 108million followers (and yes *blushes*, us too) has whipped themselves into an excited ‘it’s official’ frenzy.

However, just as we were about break out the office bubbles to toast the happy couple, the post was unceremoniously deleted. Err, what? Literally, miffed faces all round.

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Selena, for whatever reason, must’ve decided to remove the post although we’re not quite sure why, or more importantly, what this means for her and The Weeknd going forward. Come on guys, just firm things up a little would you?

We think it’s fair to say, that these two have been leading us on a marry dance thus far. Ever since pictures emerged a few weeks ago of the couple kissing in Santa Monica hotspot Giorgio Baldi, fans across the globe have been following the blossoming relationship closely – albeit, some with a certain amount of skepticism. Following the Hiddleswift debacle of last year, people have become somewhat cynical about these sensational celebrity hook-ups, no matter how authentic they look.

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But then, the hot new couple were papped holding hands in LA. Oh, and did anyone catch that Instagram story The Weeknd posted from Florence, where he appears to be enjoying a romantic gallery visit with the Good For You songstress? It looks as though things are serious, so why remove the picture?

Selena Gomez Weeknd Italy

Some are of the opinion that Selena is deliberately teasing fans with this Insta-delete (way harsh Tai), but there are fans that believe her sudden attack of Insta-remorse might actually have been brought on by guilt. It’s been widely reported that The Weeknd’s ex Bella Hadid isn’t quite over her own relationship with the star — they split last November — so perhaps Selena deleted the post out of respect for the Victoria’s Secret model? Maybe (and we don’t really blame her), SeGo just wasn’t in the mood for any Instagram backlash in response to the post, which we can imagine, would be lively considering both Bieber and Bella fans are none too impressed with her new romance.

Either way, we await the next instalment in this ‘are they, aren’t they’ saga. Watch this space.