Why Selena Gomez’s Fans Are Upset Following The Grammys

The singer's fans took to Twitter during the show to make their feelings very clear...

It appears that Selena Gomez decided against attending the Grammy Awards this year.

The 24-year-old has certainly become a firm favourite of ours when it comes to ogling the celebrity glad rags at red carpet events, so we don’t mind admitting that we were a little disappointed to see that she didn’t turn up for the LA bash.

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Of course, her no-show status did make sense, considering the singer wasn’t performing. She also wasn’t nominated for an award.

But. This didn’t stop Selena’s legion of loyal fans from taking to social media to share their disappointment.

Selena’s rumoured new beau, The Weeknd, did take to the stage at the Grammy Awards, so many were left confused as to why she didn’t go along to support him.

@maisonvalentino 1of1

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In fact, fans had been wondering whether or not they would walk the red carpet together, finally confirming their relationship and making things offish.

Apparently, for whatever reason, they decided against it.

However, one eagle-eyed fan thinks that they spotted Selena showing her support in a different way; by liking an Instagram photo of her man before his performance.