Selena Gomez Confuses Fans With Her Latest Beauty Selfie

The singer is looking as gorgeous as ever as she teases a 'secret project'...

Selena Gomez is the name on everyone’s lips.

Sure, there’s that little thing that’s currently going on with The Weeknd. But we’re also loving the fact that, after a hiatus from the spotlight to enjoy some much-needed R&R, the 24-year-old is back.

And what’s more, she’s giving us as much beauty inspiration as she ever did.

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Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, who has also worked with the likes of Karlie Kloss andΒ Emily Ratajkowski, has just teased a project with Selena Gomez on Twitter.

Posting a behind the scenes photo of his work, Hung wrote: ‘Casual day in LA with @selenagomez πŸ˜›Β πŸ‘— @chrisclassen πŸ’…πŸ» @tombachik πŸ’‡ @_marissamarino πŸ’„ @hungvanngo #secretproject #bts’.

We mean, we’re pretty much obsessing over everything in this photograph. Her hair is looking as bouncy as ever. She’s rekindled our love for the nude lip. And, well, talk about ‘liner flick goals.

But beauty inspo and top secret projects aside, some people haven’t been able to help but notice something else.

If you look veeeeery closely, there appears to be a photoshop fail behind Selena’s left shoulder.

In fact, some fans took to the make-up artist’s mentions to hone in on the corner of the snap.

TBF, the wall does look a little warped, which is usually a a sign that a picture has been modified.

But why would it have been photoshopped in this area specifically?

Who knows.

All we do know for sure is that Selena is slaying right now.

Yup. The girl crush officially continues…