What’s Really Going On Between Selena And Orlando?

So, Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom might be a thing.

On Friday night, Selena left her Las Vegas concert to go to a club called Light. And once inside, she was caught canoodling in a BIG way with the Pirates Of The Carribean actor.

And when we say canoodling, we mean they literally couldn’t keep their hands of each other as they writhed around on a sofa. Don’t believe us? See the pictures for yourself here

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> Selena shared a shot of herself from *that* same night with a cryptic caption…


Anyway, obviously many people were a little confused, because hang on, isn’t Orlando dating Katy Perry right now?

The pair had reportedly been dating for a while, With Perry and Bloom even wearing matching Tamagotchis to this year’s MET Gala last week… If that doesn’t scream love, we don’t know what does.

Still, there’s definitely something between him and Selena. And it looks like she’s responded to the drama for the first time..

> Orlando Bloom is 16 years older than Selena…


The Good For You singer posted a photo of herself in a gorgeous silk dress from that night walking to her hotel room, and wrote: ‘After my first show in Vegas. @alfredoflores’, crediting famous music video director and close pal, Alfredo Flores.

Of course, fans went wild trying to decipher the meaning behind Selena’s choice of caption/image. Was she trying to make out she was hanging with Alfredo and not Orlando that night? Was she making it clear she went back to her hotel room ALONE?

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> Orlando was thought to be dating pop star Katy Perry


It’s not the first time Selena and Orlando have been linked, either – back in 2014, we saw them looking cosy at a concert, shortly after his split from Miranda Kerr.

This sounds like one pretty crazy love triangle to us. We just hope no one gets hurt.

> Selena has previously shared a selfie of her and Orlando on his birthday