Selena Gomez Has Just Got Everyone Talking About Justin Bieber (Again)

After going public with The Weeknd, Selena's just done something that's got the #Jelena shippers out in full force...

Oh Selena Gomez, you tease.

The star is well and truly back after taking a few months out of the spotlight for her health.

And, we have to say, Selena seems to have it all going on right now; she’s giving us all of the fashion and beauty goals (as per), appears to have a hot new romance on the horizon (yup, we’re looking at you The Weeknd) –  AND there’s new music on the way.

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The 24-year-old sent the internet into a meltdown over the weekend, when she reportedly leaked a teaser of a new track on Instagram.

The clip, which has now been shared around the internet, shows Selena looking into the camera while some music can be heard playing in the background.

Selena posted on her Instagram story! New music!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

A video posted by Selena Gomez Updates ⭐️ (@selenamgomezfanss) on

But the lyrics seem to have sparked something of a frenzy.

The words include: ‘I had a dream, we were back to 17, summer nights… never growing up.’

The most rehearsed in Selena and JB’s relationship history will know that the pair first met (and became close friends) in 2009, when Selena was – yep, you guessed it – 17.

After much dating speculation, they later went on to become one of showbiz’s most famous couples, surrounded by a lot of adoration and a lotta lot of drama.

To this day, they still have a whole army of fans that don’t seem to have moved past their split.

The short clip of Selena has now been posted across social media and, amongst the ‘eeeek’s and the ‘omg’s, reactions included: ‘Could this be about justin? Because she says we were back to 17 never growing up well that was the time she met justin right? [sic]’ and ‘Is this about Justin?’


Selena has also previously spoken out about the fact that she’s ‘done’ with discussing her personal life, and that relationship with The Biebs.

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During an interview with Rolling Stone last year, she hit back: ‘Honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him’.

However, could she be using her music to talk about her life on her own terms?

Either way, we’re glad to have you back, SG.