Selena Gomez Reacts To A Joke About Justin Bieber And The Weeknd

Selena's make-up artist, Hung Vanngo, poked fun at her love of Canadians. And her reaction was the best...

Selena Gomez just made like a total boss when her penchant for, er, Canadian men was highlighted.

The 24-year-old was famously linked to Justin Bieber,  and she’s now dating man-of-the-moment The Weeknd – real name Abel Tesfaye.

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Selena decided to have a little fun with her make-up artist Hung Vanngo on Instagram yesterday, giving a shout-out as part of an Insta’ Story.

After saying a big ‘hello’ to Canada, Hung made the pretty LOL joke with the singer, pointing out: ‘You know, Selena loves Canadians…’

She replied, coyly: ‘All right, allll right….’

Thankfully, the It Ain’t Me star saw the funny side. Well, you’d imagine that the pair are probably pretty close, and that he wouldn’t say something that would tick her off.

She feigned annoyance, but seemed to laugh all the same.

Of course, her fans spotted the moment and soon shared it across social media.

Well, perhaps she has a type.

Or, perhaps it’s just one big coincidence.

Either way, we’re chuffed to be seeing Selena on social media – and looking so happy, too.