So It Seems Like CBB’s Jamie O’Hara Has Made Himself Very Unpopular

The footballer appeared to call time on his 'romance' with Bianca Gascoigne...

After a touch-and-go flirtationship with Jasmine Waltz, Jamie O’Hara appeared to spark something with Bianca Gascoigne.

Yup. Celebrity Big Brother fans were all set for their first reality TV romance of the year (despite the fact that B could quite possibly have a man waiting for her on the outside), but everything seemed to come crashing down on our screens last night.

Bianca Celebrity Big Brother

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During an ever-so-slightly awkward conversation which aired on Sunday night, Jamie did his very best ‘it’s not you it’s me’ speech. Ugh.

The footballer told his housemate that he felt he needed to call things off. Why? Well, apparently it’s complicated with his ex, Danielle Lloyd.

He told the 30-year-old that he he is ‘holding back’ because of his situation with his former wife and the children that they share.

Jamie told the glamour model, ‘You wouldn’t want to deal with my s***.’

Bianca Jamie

To be fair, Bianca seemed pretty alright about the whole thing, simply telling him: ‘I get it.’

But viewers weren’t too impressed by the exchange, with a number of them branding Jamie a ‘sleaze’.

This probably had something to do with another confession that was aired on Channel 5 last night. The father-of-three told his fellow housemates that he’d had a fairly NSFW dream about Nicola McLean (you know, the one that’s married but that he’s also been accused for flirting with throughout the series).


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Nicola’s husband Tom Williams has, so far, stayed quiet about last night’s helping of the show.

Danielle Lloyd, however, posted a selfie that was dedicated to her family – including her new fiancé.

She wrote: ‘Had a wonderful weekend with my 3 boys fiancé and friends! I’d like to thank everyone for supporting me and your messages.. it has been tough but you and my closest have all helped… my children are my life and my main priority 💗’.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.