See More Pictures Of Prince Harry Being Adorable

Prince Harry returned to the spotlight last night following the leak of his naughty and very naked Las Vegas party shots last month.

And boy were we pleased to see him. Ever the gentleman, Harry charmed the socks off everyone he met, swiftly mending the media damage he caused with his hard partying.

The prince’s first public appearance following the naked snaps was at the WellChild Awards in London – and he was happy to joke about his indiscretion with one little boy. Alex Logan had been asked by ITV News earlier in the day what he’d say to Harry when he met him. He said: “I’m glad you’ve got your clothes on, Prince Harry.” Teehee.

When Harry approached him on the red carpet last night, he waved his finger at the boy jokingly and said: “I heard you were on ITV earlier, you said something cheeky, let’s not talk about that here.”

What a joker. Harry, we love you – with or without your clothes! RM