So This Is Why Scotty T Has Left Geordie Shore…

Surely not ANOTHER one?!

The new series of Geordie Shore kicked off last week… That’s right, the radgies are BACK.

But sadly it seems like the cast members are dropping like flies… We all know that originals Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby have said goodbye to the show, now this new series kicked off without Gary Beadle (Where is he?!) AND Aaron Chalmers has already left to train for his debut MMA fight.

And now Scotty T has left, too!

But don’t worry guys – it’s not forever, we hope…

Having failed to join his co-stars on their famous nights out on the show due to suffering with a bad back (supposedly due to some bedroom antics with new housemate Abbie Holborn) Scott was definitely struggling to fit back in to the Geordie Shore lifestyle.

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Because of this, Scott decided to leave the show to sort his back out: ‘Everyone’s getting ready to go out and I’m foaming. My back is absolutely killing, but if I get myself away and get myself sorted, then I can get myself back. Scotty techno a*** rapid d*** turbo time.’

Erm… Lovely, Scott.

He confessed to his co-star Nathan: ‘Mate, I’m in pain and I cannot rest in here and I’m just having a s**t time ’cause I cannot go out’

The Geordie lad also admitted to how gutted he was to be leaving to show again, especially considering injuries have made him miss out in the past: ‘I’m pure gutted that I’m going home but I know for a fact it’s the best thing. I can hardly even f***ing walk, and once I’ve had a bit of rest, I’ll come back stronger and a bigger d***head than ever.’

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Oh, wonderful.

Scott was actually the topic of a lot of speculation at the time of filming regarding his absence from the show, with many believing he was booted off by producers for bad behaviour.

But he hit back to the Daily Star and put the story straight: ‘Everyone can say anything, it doesn’t make sense. I was just laughing. If anything, I go wild outside the show, not inside the show, because of the security.’

Hurry back soon, Scotty T!