Scott From Love Island Did *Not* Used To Look Like This

Love Island fans will know that if you’re a male contestant, you’re likely to be a bit of a gym buff.

This year, we have Thomas ‘The Tank’ Powell, who might be the biggest beefcake we’ve EVER seen, and Terry Walsh, who boasts abs we could shred a carrot on.

Another Love Island hunk who’s clearly into his fitness is Scott Thomas, the cocky Manchester lad who’s bagged gorgeous Kady as his partner.

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scott love island Scott showed his before and after photos on Instagram


But did you know that Scott looked very different just weeks before entering the villa?! Yep, turns out, Scott went through a bit of a transformation before joining the show…

Scott and his two brothers, Adam and Ryan (yep, that would be Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street), all took part in a gruelling Ultimate Performance training programme which saw them halve their body fat percentage in just three months.


scott love island Scott halved his body fat by going on a gruelling 12 week fitness programme


Sharing his before and after pictures on Instagram, club promoter Scott wrote: ‘What a journey it’s been… I managed to do the longest I’ve ever done off the alcohol/partying and gained so much more focus in my work life.’

‘It’s been more than just training it’s been a way of life. From diet to my social life I’ve learnt so much.’

scott love island Scott is currently coupled up with 21-year-old Kady in the villa…


Through a variety of cardio and weight training exercises, Scott managed to go from 22.8% body fat to 10.7%, which is pretty blimmin’ impressive. Although we have to say, we think he looked pretty fit before!

Still, whatever makes people happy is alright by us. And Scott’s looking super confident in the villa – if only him and Kady could just STOP ARGUING.

Come on guys, for our sanity, please…