Scott Thomas Hits Back At Claims He Ignored Kady McDermott’s Birthday

What IS going on with these two!?

Love Island‘s Kady McDermott turned 22 this week, and despite looking like she had the best time celebrating with friends and family, there was one question on everyone’s minds…

Did she spend it with on/off bf Scott Thomas?

Well, we can’t be sure BUT fans were quick to notice that Scott had not shared any social media posts about Kady on her special day.

When he took to Instagram to post a suave snap of himself on Kady’s birthday, fans quickly began flooding in their questions and concerns…

‘Scott what you gonna do for Kadys birthday [sic]’ one fan asked, while another wondered: ‘Where’s kady??? [sic]’

Similarly, followers began demanding answers, quizzing the Manchester lad: ‘Are you still with kady [sic]’ and ‘ARE YOU STILL WITH KADY?? EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW [sic]’

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But Scott cleared up some of the confusion as he tweeted to his 305 thousand followers: ‘If people honestly think I didn’t say happy bday to pea head today they really don’t know me at all!’


And Kady’s sis obviously knew more about the situation as she replied to him: ‘full of nice surprises’ with a cryptic wink emoji.

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Hmm… It’s good to know these two are still important to each other, regardless of what’s going on.

Kady faced a similar backlash from fans on Scott’s birthday when she didn’t share a public post to him, so much so that she was forced to address her fans directly on Snapchat and explain: ‘Regardless of my situation with Scott, I did wish him a happy birthday. Just because I haven’t tweeted it or put in on Instagram, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

‘Remember guys, things do happen in real life not just social media. I have definitely said happy birthday to him, so you can all sleep at night. Ok guys? Rant over.’

Fingers crossed these two can work things out…