Love Island’s Scott Thomas Defends Kady McDermott From Online Trolls

It looks like there could still be a lot of love between these two...

We’re not totally sure what’s happening with Love Island couple Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott right now, but it looks like they still have each other’s backs regardless.

Fans have been confused since Kady unfollowed her BF on social media, and even took to Instagram on Scott’s birthday to hint that there was trouble in paradise.

She told her fans: ‘Regardless of my situation with Scott, I did wish him a happy birthday. Just because I haven’t tweeted it or put in on Instagram, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Remember guys, things do happen in real life not just social media. I have definitely said happy birthday to him, so you can all sleep at night. Okay guys? Rant over.’

What does this mean though?

Well, after a source claimed that Kady has moved out of her and Scott’s home, the petite brunette hit back on Twitter: ‘Whoever this “source” is, is a liar and knows s***. False accusations like this is exactly why couples have breakdowns.

‘Don’t ever write stories on the “truth” unless it’s come from myself and Scott. Cheers.

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas met on Love Island last year

‘I’m no longer in love island think people forget, it’s real life can’t be going into a beach hut ranting and raving. Privacy is key [sic].’

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But despite the drama, Scott remained Kady’s knight in shining armour after the make-up artist was trolled bizarrely on an Instagram post over the weekend.

Demonstrating how she contours in a before and after snap, Kady came under fire from cruel trolls.

One accused her of having ‘silicone lips’,  while another compared her to a ‘doll’: ‘Makes her look really doll like, this contouring doesn’t suit her.’ *Sigh*.

But when one bully took things too far in a now-deleted comment, Scott stepped in. He responded: ‘I’d love to give you a slap lad.’

Go, Scott!

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It seemed Kady appreciated the input from the Manchester lad, as she posted a screenshot of his comment along with an appreciative heart.

Whatever is happening between Scott and Kady, we love that they’re still there for one another.

By Emily Jefferies