Fans Think People Were Missing On Love Island: Heading Home

It’s safe to say that some people were left pretty unimpressed by Love Island: Heading Home.

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We’ve been a WHOLE WEEK without our fix from the villa, so there was a lot of anticipation surrounding the spin-off show, which promised to catch up with our favourite islanders.

Of course, there were so many loose ends. Did Tom Powell take Sophie Gradon back? Will Sophie and Katie Salmon ever be friends again? Are Terry and Emma together now the show’s over?

Oh. And what happened when they all saw each other for the first time?

The show did answer a lot of those questions. But fans were quick to notice that a few of their favourite couples didn’t get as much air time as they would have liked.


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A few reactions included: ‘Caught up with Love Island, where was Kady and Scott?! Fave couple and they weren’t even on it! #LoveIsland @kadymcdermottx @scottyspecial’ and ‘There was no Scott and Kady #LoveIslandHeadingHome’.

Oh dear.

In fact, Kady McDermott wasted no time in speaking out about the lack of attention on her relationship. She wrote, ‘I was definitely an extra in that episode not an islander #Robbed’.




She followed up: ‘Well as you all know me and @scottyspecial weren’t on the heading home episode but for anyone who cares we are doing extremely well #SCADY’.

Well, we’re glad to hear it guys.

Another face that really was totally missing from the show was Zara Holland’s.


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The former Miss GB revealed that she missed the wrap party due to a migraine (sad face).

But, we still would have loved to see what she’s been getting up to since jetting back to the UK.

Fans took to social media, with comments including: ‘@loveisland why was @zaraholland11 not on the reunion show?!’ and ‘@zaraholland11 not on the ep tonight ?’ [sic].

It’s safe to say that the Love Island addiction is still going strong.