Scott Disick Makes One Awkward Mistake On Instagram

Scott Disick may be feeling a little embarrassed right now.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 32, made one huge Instagram mistake yesterday, completely messing up a sponsored post. Eep.

Basically, Scott had been paid to endorse weight loss brand Bootea.

> Scott Disick has three children with ex Kourtney Kardashian


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He was all set to upload a snap of himself posing with a large jar of their shake, which was meant to be captioned: ‘Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk protein shake!’

But unfortunately, that wasn’t what he ended up writing.

> Scott Disick posted this photo to Instagram… but it didn’t go to plan


He’d clearly been instructed to word his post a certain way, presumably by the company’s marketing team. 

However, when copying and pasting this message to Instagram, he, er, forgot to delete the rest of their email.

In the end, he put: ‘Here you go, at 4pm est, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk protein shake!’

> Um, OOPS. Picture: @frankiegreek


Oh, so very awkward.

Scott must have noticed his mistake (or Bootea were quick to alert him), because the caption’s now been edited to the shorter version.

But of course, quick-thinking fans had already screengrabbed the image.

> We think Scott Disick should be a little more careful on Instagram next time


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The screenshot that went viral came from the username @frankiegreen, reading: ‘In which Scott Disick copied and pasted the email from the skinny tea marketing team onto his Instagram caption.’

Now, it’s worth noting that this isn’t exactly a teeny issue for Scott. Jezebel reported in January that he earns between $15,000 and $20,000 for a sponsored post.

> Hmmm. This outfit looks kinda familiar, right?


But GQ have pointed out that the amount of effort he’s been putting in appears to be a little lacking.

In another advertisement posted last week, Scott looks to be wearing exactly the same outfit. He’s just added a cap and moved to the other side of the kitchen.

Oh, Scott…