Kristen Stewart Speaks Out About Her Resting Face

Not too long ago we brought you a list of the most annoying resting bitch face problems

Kristen Stewart, our RBF soul sister, has spoken out about the time Woody Allen quized her on her ‘resting face’. 

She recalled: “I think I can be light sometimes, but I can’t hide anything. So if I’m thinking about something I look really puzzled. But Woody comes up to me and he was like, ’is your face always in this sort of…state of repose?”

She then went on to point out that Woody would have made the observation completely of his own accord.

“I know that he has not like read the fact that people think that,” Stewart said. “It totally came from a genuine uninfluenced place. It was like, ’is your resting face…’ he actually used the word resting.”

K-Stew finished by saying that her resting face “doesn’t bother me.”  Oh, we love you Kristen. 



For those of us that might struggle with the everyday obstacles that RBF brings, we’ve got a breakthrough that might just take the edge off. 

Because, one expert has now come forward and said that it’s actually better for you. 


Texas Women’s University researcher and consultant Rene Paulson has compiled a study for Quartz, detailing that those who have a natural resting bitch face are actually better communicators.



We always knew that we were the best. Just saying. 

She writes: “Women confronted by a world that automatically attaches negative attributes to their non-smiling face must quickly learn how to communicate and also hone a finely-tuned awareness of both our own emotions and the emotions of those around us.”

See. Never judge a book by its cover, guys.

She goes on to say that “women used to being constantly misunderstood focus more on the words someone says, rather than their tone, body cues, or facial expressions, ensuring a more effective flow of information between both parties.”

So basically, we’re more understanding of others too.  

Science doesn’t lie. And we’ll be using this information to our full advantage. 

Paulson also agrees that women with RBF should own it. After all, countless celebs are with us. 

We’ll wait for you to practice your scowls… 

By Laura Jane Turner