Schools Out For Summer!

Remember when summer used to mean 6 sweet weeks off from school? The pure joy of not having your mum nag you out of bed every morning or the utter hell of homework every night? You were free to sleep, play and moan about being bored to your hearts content. And the best bit? That blissful last day of term when there was nothing but hope, sunshine and lay ins on the horizon.

For many lucky youngsters, that glorious day is almost here. And to mark the happy occasion we take a nostalgic look back at the memories from the last day of term…

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1 – It was the only day in the entire school year when you actually spring out of bed. Just one more (half) day to get through and you are free. FREE!

2 – Discussing with your friends all the things you’re going to do with your free time as of tomorrow. Because school takes up an entire 6 hours of your day don’t ‘cha know. 6 whole hours! What a cheek.


3 – Seeing the year 11’s writing on each others shirts and the sheer joy on their faces knowing they never have to step foot in school again. Lucky so and so’s!

4 – Also dodging the egg and flour fights from said year 11’s. Not so lucky so and so’s. Mum was not going to be happy.

5 – Classes featured literally zero work. You were done, the teacher was done, even the clever cloggs of the class was done. Videos, gossiping and snoozing were the only things on the agenda.


6 – Using up all your lunch money on your lunch card. Because you simply can’t leave £1.20 on there. 6 packs of Space Raiders it is…

7 – The crying as you said goodbye to your friends. You know, because you’re not going to see them, for like, a whole 12 hours till you meet them at the park tomorrow. Sob.


8 – Discussing your holiday plans and trying to out-do your mates. We have two weeks in Tenerife and it’s gonna be soooo much better than yours!

9 – Writing your final letter to your best mate that you pass in between classes. Yeah, the same mate you sit next to in every class and spend every lunch break with. How else are you going to know each other’s top 5 boys in the year?


10 – The pure sweet joy of knowing you don’t have to do any school work for a full 6 weeks! Because of course you’re going to leave all your homework till the night before the first day back in September. Standard. 



By Leigh Williams